Region 13 Mobile Labs

Region 13 Mobile Labs

Expanding student access to academic and workplace skills by providing additional opportunities to earn college credits and industry certifications

By providing a portable classroom outfitted with the equipment needed to teach the skills needed for Texans to maintain a competitive edge in a global economy, Region 13 will serve as the hub for multiple districts within the area.

The Mobile Lab in Action

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Texas employers are unable to fill available health service positions with qualified workers. The healthcare occupation is projected to grow by 18% from 2016 to 2026 much faster than the average for all other occupations. Growth due to an aging population in Texas is leading to a greater demand for healthcare services. Our students need to be given the opportunities to connect their K-12 and postsecondary learning to marketable healthcare skills.

Our first Mobile Lab is outfitted with current industry-approved medical equipment and is designed for students to pursue their interests in the health science pathway. Using the curriculum and materials provided in the lab, students have the option to earn different medical industry certifications (Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy, EKG, and Pharmacy Technician) in conjunction with dual credit options. Students who wish to pursue additional certifications or licenses would be prepared to complete programs of study to become a Certified Nurse Assistant and/or Licensed Vocational Nurse.

The Mobile Lab can also be used as a career exploration opportunity for younger students deciding on the career pathway they would like to pursue in high school.

Mobile Labs will be designed to be interchangeable to further add to the possible courses and certification credits available to districts. Students could be entering a lab to work on competency-based instruction around health careers in one semester, and following some minor changes at the Region 13 hub, the Mobile Lab could return in the second semester outfitted ready to build computer coding skills or auto mechanic skills.

The portable design will allow Mobile Labs to move from district to district so that schools are not limited to only the certification or career pathways that their budget can cover. A curriculum developed in partnership with higher education institutions and business experts will be delivered by Region 13 staff to also cut back on district staffing costs. Students will be exposed to courses that focus on accelerated degree completions in high-demand fields while earning industry-approved credentials as part of their career and technology coursework.

Mobile Labs will be a collaboration between public education, higher education, the Texas Workforce Commission, and regional businesses to identify regional areas of employment need and to develop instructional delivery that builds skills in students across Central Texas.

Opportunities for college credit and career skill attainment should not be limited by a student’s place of residence. Mobile Lab will provide high quality experiences for students across central Texas. Mobile Labs will build the incentive for students in rural communities to participate in coursework that has the end goal of providing skills that can launch a career


The Mobile Lab project will facilitate collaboration between employers, institutes of higher education, and public school districts in order to identify desirable skills and develop models of certification and degree attainment in high-demand areas.

Need to assist students to enter the workforce more quickly with marketable skills

Improve access to rigorous dual credit courses targeted to workforce shortages

Offer expanded opportunities for certification, internships, and career pathways under HB5

Guide students to develop career goals and provide coursework progression that address the needs of the Texas labor market

Changing needs of the workforce…
Need for flexibility and quality in Mobile Lab design. Mobile Lab should incentivize students to participate, provide skills that address industry need and provide career and salary potential for students, and be cost effective and efficient for districts.

Push toward the goals of 60X30TX (build a skilled workforce with 60% of Texans aged 25-34 holding a certificate or degree by 2030) by aligning K-12 and higher education programs that build workforce skills and promote advancement of economic expansion and job creation based on regional need

Design skill-based curriculum that meets educational and industry levels of rigor

Supplement locally funded resources in emerging pathways not yet considered

Addresses potential certification tracks earlier – providing adequate time for preparation

Identifies local areas in need of additional instruction


Which way do we go? What can our local districts expect? When will a Mobile Lab arrive in my community? Get an idea of our process, timeline, and potential moments to jump on the wagon.



Identify regional high-demand industry need and in partnership with higher education and business experts develop competency-based curriculum. 

Design first Mobile Lab and solicit interest from pilot districts. Equip Mobile Lab with medical equipment and develp skill-based activities to assist students with industry certications in the healthcare industry.



Send Mobile Lab to districts to motivate students to select industry certification courses that will be taught using the Mobile Lab starting in Fall 2019.

Provide support to regional business on how to offer internships and apprenticeships for students and teachers. Work with districts on logistical and set-up needs for the upcoming year.



Deploy Mobile Lab to districts for the first full semester of partnership. Gather feedback and data on content, experience, and logistical needs.

Continue to track workforce data to address changing needs of the labor market. Begin process of securing second Mobile Lab based on workforce data trends and area employment needs.


Though we’re already linked with some great organizations, we’re continually looking to increase the project’s impact. Visualize where you can best contribute and see those that have joined forces.

Sponsorship of the inaugural Mobile Lab

Contribution of funding for Mobile Lab content materials

Collaboration on design and build of the Mobile Lab

Content knowledge for competency-based curriculum development

Train teachers on needed hard and soft skill development

Recruit districts and students to participate



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